Wonderful milieu & unique party and meeting venues

In the Old Town of Porvoo there is a red brick storehouse, built in 1902 by Oskar Simolin. The storehouse was a warehouse for Simolin’s department store. Throughout the decades different items have been stored in the building, for example coffee. This might be one of the reasons why Bar & Café Porvoon Paahtimo is located in the very same building.
Bar & Café

There are plenty of drinks to choose from. Our assortment includes beer, wine, cider, cognac, whisky, sparkling wine, different mixed drinks and coffee drinks. Our most popular coffee drink is Irish coffee.

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Party and meeting venues

Do you need space for a meeting or a party? We offer facilities for a smaller or larger need. Servings are arranged according to the customer’s wishes. The premises have A rights.

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Our roastery and coffees

Groups of different sizes are welcome to join a coffee tour in the roastery. You will get to know more about coffee and the roasting process itself. You will also get a sample of fresh roasted coffee.

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There are old beams in the ceiling and thick red brick walls, which contribute to a peaceful and historical atmosphere.
Looking for space for a meeting or a party?

For smaller or larger needs

he storehouse offers unique surroundings for different events such as meetings, courses or birthday parties. We offer a wide variety of different refreshments according to the requests of each customer. The venue also has an alcohol license.

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